Developing a Danish version of the "Impact on Participation and Autonomy Questionnaire"

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  • E. Ghaziani
  • A.G. Krogh
  • Hans Lund

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Objective: To translate the "Impact on Participation and Autonomy Questionnaire" into Danish (IPAQ-DK), and estimate its internal consistency and test-retest reliability in order to promote participation-based interventions and research. Design: Translation and two successive reliability assessments through test-retest. Subjects: 137 adults with varying degrees of impairment; of these, 67 participated in the final reliability assessment. Methods: The translation followed guidelines set forth by the "European Group for Quality of Life Assessment and Health Measurement". Internal consistency for subscales was estimated by Chronbach's alpha. Weighted kappa coefficients and intraclass correlation coefficients were calculated to assess the test-retest reliability at item and subscale level, respectively. Results: A preliminary reliability assessment revealed residual issues regarding the translation and cultural adaptation of the instrument. The revised version (IPAQ-DK) was subsequently subjected to a similar assessment demonstrating Chronbach's alpha values from 0.698 to 0.817. Weighted kappa ranged from 0.370 to 0.880; 78% of these values were higher than 0.600. The intraclass correlation coefficient covered values from 0.701 to 0.818. Conclusion: IPAQ-DK is a useful instrument for identifying person-perceived participation restrictions and satisfaction with participation. Further studies of IPAQ-DK's floor/ceiling effects and responsiveness to change are recommended, and whether there is a need for further linguistic improvement of certain items. © 2013 Informa Healthcare.
JournalScandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy
Issue number3
Pages (from-to)190-200
Publication statusPublished - 2013