Lars Lund

Lars Lund

Lars Lund

Clinical Professor

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Date of Birth: Aalborg 28. Feb. 1955
Marital Status: Married, 3 children
Home Address: Spangsbjerg Allé 23 8800 Viborg Denmark
Home Phone: (45) 86671616
Mobile Phone: (45) 20720266

Present employment: Professor, Consultant Urology, Department of Urology, Odense University Hospital


1984 Medical doctor, University of Aarhus, Denmark.
1993 General Surgeon (Specialist)
1997 Fellow of College of Surgeons of Hong Kong (FCSHK).
1998 Urologist (Specialist)
2001 DMSci Doctor Medicinae Universitas Arhusiensis


2002 Ph-D opponent Tina Høg Sørensen. Interactions of prostate cancer cells with bone. Aarhus Universitet
2007-2010 Prevention and treatment of vascular prosthesis infections in an animal model
Ph-D supervisor for Dr. Gao Hong
2010-2013 Laparoskopisk assisteret endovaskulær behandling af aortaaneurismer – et dyreeksperimentelt pilotstudie.
Ph-D supervisor for Brian Kloster.
2010-2013 Fast-track forløb i kirurgisk uddannelse
Ph-D supervisor for Charlotte Green.
2011-2012 Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy improves erectile tissues and induces
angiogenesis in an animal model of streptozotocin induced diabetes
Head supervisor for year student Ditte Valsgaard Pedersen
2011-2014 The influence of the laparoscopic training on the surgical skills and carrier development
Head supervisor for Ph d student Trang Cao
2012-2015 Early outcome after laparoscopic nephrectomy for malignancy.
Head supervisor for Phd student Nessn H. Azawi
2002-2015 Postgraduate Clinical Lector
For post-graduate education in Urology in the North region
covering 1.5 mill people, Aarhus University

2006-2010 Visiting scholar
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee


1984 D.A.D.L.(Danish Medical Ass.)
1989 Danish Society of Surgery.
1989 European Society of urology
1990 Danish Society of Vascular Surgery
1991 Danish Society Urology
1992 Danish Society of Gastroenterology
1992 Nordic Association of Andrology
1997 American Association of Urology
2012 European Society of Sexology


Lund L. Varicocele testis. Aspects of aetiology, semen quality and imaging. 2001.

Total 119
Original artikler: 79 papers (45 first author)
Oversigtsartikler: 8 papers (4 first author)
Case reports: 17 papers (12 first author)
Blandet (letters, månedens billede etc.): 15 papers (6 first author)

Surgical experimental laboratory
The head of this laboratory which instruct many young surgeons in different fields. Built it up in our region in 2001. Have written and made instruction booklets and CD-roms for use before and during the participant’s course covering different surgical fields.

Chapter in Surgical textbook
Krarup T, Lund L. Diseases of scrotum. In: Hald T, Stadil F, Nordling J .eds. Kirurgisk kompendium Bind ll, Copenhagen. Nyt Nordisk Forlag, Arnold Busck 2003:1441-63.

Lund L, Poulsen J. Role of animal models in training and assessment. “Surgical Simulation”, Anthem Press. 2012. In press.

The use of tachosil in preventing per- and postoperative bleeding during laparoscopic treatment of renal cancers or angiomyolopoma.2006. Lund L

Tips and tricks in laparoscopic assisted cryoablation of small renal tumors. Lund L, Barsi T, Jønler M;2009

Oral presentations
From 1987 to 2011 a total of 80 talks have been held in national and international congresses covering a broad mixture of especially urological topics.
From 1990 to 2011 more than 30 posters have been presented.
Clinical trials
Since 2006 audit reviewer for the GCP unit in Denmark.
Participated in more than 15 clinical phase 3 trials as principal investigator.