The GeoSteiner Software Package for computing Steiner trees in the plane: an updated computational study

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The GeoSteiner software package has for more than 10 years been the fastest (publicly available) program for computing exact solutions to Steiner tree problems in the plane. The computational study by Warme, Winter and Zachariasen, published in 2000, documented the performance of the GeoSteiner approach --- allowing the exact solution of Steiner tree problems with more than a thousand terminals. Since then, a number of algorithmic enhancements have improved the performance of the software package significantly. In this computational study we run the current code on the largest problem instances from the 2000-study, and on a number of larger problem instances. The computational study is performed using both the publicly available GeoSteiner 3.1 code base, and the commercial GeoSteiner 4.0 code base.
Publication date2014
Number of pages30
Publication statusPublished - 2014
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