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  1. 2018
  2. Published

    Comparison of pre- and inter-stage aerobic treatment of wastewater sludge: effects on biogas production and COD removal

    Rennuit, C., Triolo, J. M., Eriksen, S., Jimenez, J., Carrere, H. & Hafner, S. Jan 2018 In : Bioresource Technology. 247, p. 332-339

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  3. Accepted/In press

    Conceptualizing the Field. Consuming the Other, Marketing Difference

    Woodward, I. & Emontspool, J. 2018 Cosmopolitanism, Markets and Consumption: A Critical Global Perspective. Emontspool, J. & Woodward, I. (eds.). Palgrave Macmillan

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  4. Accepted/In press
  5. Published

    Deposition and benthic mineralization of organic carbon: A seasonal study from Faroe Islands

    á Nordi, G., Glud, R. N., Simonsen, K. & Gaard, E. 1 Jan 2018 In : Journal of Marine Systems. 177, p. 53-61

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  6. Published

    Depression, sleep problems, and perceived stress among informal caregivers in 58 low-, middle-, and high-income countries: A cross-sectional analysis of community-based surveys

    Koyanagi, A., DeVylder, J. E., Stubbs, B., Carvalho, A. F., Veronese, N. & Santini, Z. I. 2018 In : Journal of Psychiatric Research. 96, p. 115-123

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  7. Accepted/In press

    Design Criteria of a Thermal Mass Flow Sensor for Aircraft Air Data Applications

    Ribeiro, L. C., Oliveira, M. L., Souza, R. A., Vieira, S. P. L., Avelino, W. O., Oliveira, C. F. R., de Lima Monteiro, S. W., Torres, F. S. & Oliveira Hansen, R. M. D. 2018

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewConference abstract for conference

  8. Accepted/In press

    Dialogical, Enquiry and Participatory Approaches to Learning

    Hurford, D. & Rowley, C. 2018 Professional Studies in Primary Education. 3rd edition.. Cooper, H. & Elton-Chalcraft, S. (eds.). London: Sage Publications, Incorporated, Ch. 13

    Publication: Education - peer-reviewBook chapter

  9. Published

    Different solutions from Finnish and Danish school systems for increasing school-day physical activity and supporting learning: a top down or bottom-up approach

    Tammelin, T. H., Syväoja, H., Bugge, A. & Froberg, K. 2018 Physical Activity and Educational Achievement: Insights from Exercise Neuroscience (ICSSPE Perspectives. Meeusen, R., Schaefer, S., Tomporowski, . P. & Bailey, R. (eds.). NY, USA: Routledge, Ch. 18, p. 317-334 (ICSSPE Perspectives).

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  10. Accepted/In press

    Digital Scrapbooks, everyday aesthetics & the curatorial self: Social photography in female visual blogging

    Zhao, S. & Zappavigna, M. 2018 Multimodality and Aesthetics. Forsgren, F. & Tønnessen, E. (eds.). London, New York : Routledge

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  11. Published

    Diskursanalyse: Den sørgende Facebook brugers diskursive u/mulighedsfelt

    Petersen, M. N. & Raun, T. 2018 Sociale medier og sprog: digital sprogbrug og social praksis. Køhler Mortensen , K. & Candefors Stæhr , . A. (eds.). Samfundslitteratur, (Medier, Kommunikation, Journalistik ).

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  12. Published

    Domesticated dogs and 'doings' during the holidays

    Blichfeldt, B. S. & Sakacova, K. 1 Feb 2018 Domestic Animals, Humans, and Leisure Rights: Wellfare and Wellbeing. Young, J. & Carr, N. (eds.). Routledge

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  13. Accepted/In press

    Educational Mechanisms of Dioramas

    May, M. & Achiam, M. 2018 Natural History Dioramas [preliminary title, to appear 2018]. Tunnicliffe, S. D. & Scheersoi, A. (eds.). Springer, 10 p.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  14. Published

    Energy Cloud: Services for Smart Buildings

    Mohamed, N., Al-Jaroodi, J. & Lazarova-Molnar, S. 2018 Sustainable Cloud and Energy Services: Principles and Practice. Rivera, W. (ed.). Springer, p. 117-134

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  15. Published

    Energy-efficient operational training in a ship bridge simulator

    Jensen, S., Lützen, M., Mikkelsen, L. L., Rasmussen, H. B., Pedersen, P. V. & Schamby, P. 2018 In : Journal of Cleaner Production. 171, p. 175-183

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

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  20. Published

    Grand Parenting by the Pool

    Madzak, M. V. & Blichfeldt, B. S. 5 May 2018 In : Young Consumers.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  21. Published

    Historizität und Aktualität: Distanz und Vergegenwärtigung dargestellter Geschichte

    Maurer, K. 2018 Handbuch Literatur und Geschichte. Walter de Gruyter

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  22. In preparation
  23. In preparation
  24. Published

    Human/ Technology Associations in Self-Tracking Practices

    Kristensen, D. B. & Prigge, C. Jan 2018 Self-Tracking: Empirical and Philisophical Investigations. Ajana, B. (ed.). Palgrave Macmillan, Ch. 4, p. 43-61 18 p.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  25. Published

    Identification of Success Factors for Green Shipping with Measurement of Greenness Based on ANP and ISM

    Ren, J., Lützen, M. & Rasmussen, H. B. 2018 Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Maritime Studies and Logistics. International Series in Operations Research & Management Science. Springer International Publishing AG, Vol. 260, p. 79-103 (International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Vol. 260).

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewBook chapter

  26. In preparation

    Inkluderende fællesskaber

    Stanek, A. H. 2018 Pædagogik mellem skole og fritid: Grundbog til skole- og fritidspædagogik. Ankerstjerne, T. (ed.). Dafolo Forlag A/S, 12 p.

    Publication: Education - peer-reviewBook chapter