Stefan Vogel

Stefan Vogel

Stefan Vogel

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Campusvej 55

5230 Odense M


Phone: 65503908Mobile: 60113908Fax: 66158780

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University Address:

Nucleic Acid Center
Department of Physics and Chemistry
University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Campusvej 55
DK-5230 Odense M, Denmark
phone +45 6550 2510
Fax +45 6615 8780



  • Diplom (MSc) in Chemistry at the University of Leipzig (1997)
  •  Dr. rer. nat (PhD) at the University of Leipzig, Supervision Prof. Peter Welzel "Moenomycin antibiotics" (2001)

Professional Experience:

  •   Associate Professor in Nanobioscience (University of Southern Denmark, 2006 - )
  •   Assistant Professor in Bioorganic Chemistry (2003-2006, University of Southern Denmark)
  •   Postdoctoral Fellow (2002, Nucleic Acid Center, awarded by the German Research Foundation - DFG)
  •   Postdoctoral Fellow at the Nucleic Acid Center (2001, University of Southern Denmark)
  •   Researcher (1997-1998, Aventis AG, France, Paris)