Paul Richard Sharp

Paul Richard Sharp

Paul Richard Sharp

Professor, MSc, PhD

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Paul Richard Sharp


  • Department of Business and Economics
  • Econometrics and Economic History
  • HEWI
  • HEDG
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Campusvej 55
Odense M


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Pedagogical idea

I have read books about teaching, and for a while subscribed to a journal discussing teaching practices at universities. Although I have not followed classes on how to teach, I have taught extensively, and I engage myself thoroughly in what I am teaching – it is important for me. This, I believe, is the reason that I always receive excellent evaluations.
I have watched with interest the results of the teaching experiments at my Department. It is noticeable that although the students often claim they require more ‘innovative’ teaching for lectures, that when this is attempted, they often miss the traditional lecture style. I believe that there is room for both, and that an informed, energetic lecture (perhaps with an appropriate use of humor!) can be the perfect way to motivate the students – occasionally combined with other activities, in particular to allow for an assessment of their comprehension. But of course it depends on the subject being taught.
So with my economic history classes, I attempt to use my lectures to inspire the students to take a genuine interest in the subject, which will also motivate their projects. When I have taught more technical classes it is not always so easy to make an ‘entertaining’ story, and then more class participation is necessary to keep the students engaged. From my experience being responsible for the classes of others, it seems as if they should be taught in a way which is compatible with the style of the teacher. So for example, Sofia Henriques was happier engaging in class discussions, so this was made a major part of the teaching, and the students appreciated these most. With Ingrid Henriksen, she was happier with a traditional lecturing style. I spent many hours with both giving them feedback on their teaching, and working on improvements.
In all my teaching, a principle focus is to engage fully with the students, to seem approachable, and to use as much time as is necessary for them to be able to learn. Thus, they know they are always welcome to write questions or arrange to meet with me, and many take advantage of this. Some students will however never do so, however much they need to. Thus, I also approach students in class in order to check that they have understood the material. This I have done most recently with the use of short exercises, which gives me the excuse to walk around and talk to them all. At all times, I encourage the students to work together in groups, which I think makes the experience more enjoyable.

Pedagogical competences

2003TA training program, University of Copenhagen

Teaching and supervision

An Introduction to Economic and Business History

Paul Richard Sharp


An Introduction to Economic History

Paul Richard Sharp


Macroeconomics and History

Thomas Barnebeck Andersen & Paul Richard Sharp


Ph.d Supervisor

Paul Richard Sharp

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