Anton Pottegård

Anton Pottegård

Anton Pottegård

Clinical pharmacist, PhD

J. B. Winsløws Vej 19, 2.

5000 Odense C


Phone: 65503024Mobile: 28913340

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1. Formal pedagogical education

professional postgraduate teacher training (expected to be finished in 2017)

2. Administrative tasks relating to education

Coordination of 1rst year students' projects since 2014

3. Experience as teacher, examiner and supervisor

I have taught at the following bachelor and master courses: (i) Medicine (SDU), pharmacology; (ii) Medicine (SDU), pharmacokinetics; (iii) Clinical pharmacy (SDU), pharmacoepidemiology (iv) ‘1. year project’ (SDU).
I have taught at the following PhD-courses: (i) Introduction to health research (SDU); (ii) How to write an article (SDU).
I have furthermore taught the following: (i) Technical medication review (Pharmakon-course); (ii) Clinical pharmacy in general practice (Post-graduate presentations for MDs); (iii) Pharmacoepidemiology (A-course for clinical pharmacologists); (iv) geriatric psychiatry (one-day course).
In cooperation with Vladimir Canudas-Romo, I am responsible for the Master’s course Evidencebased use of medicines and statistics for pharmacists.
Lastly, I am responsible for the 4-day course ‘Pharmaceutical medication review in nursing homes’ at University of Southern Denmark / Pharmakon which about 350 pharmacists have completed in 2012-2016.

4. Methods, materials and tools

Supervisor for 11 thesis students, 1 bacherlorstudent and supervisor for a number of PhD students (11)

5. Educational development

I am continuously working to improve and adjust my teaching to improve students learning