Field enhancement and spectral features of hexagonal necklaces of silver nanoparticles for enhanced nonlinear optical processes

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review



  • Alejandro Gómez-Tornero
  • Christos Tserkezis
  • Javier Robledo Moreno
  • Luisa E. Bausá
  • Mariola O. Ramírez

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The nonlinear properties of hybrid metallic-dielectric systems are attracting great interest due to their potential for the enhancement of frequency conversion processes at nanoscale dimensions. In this work, we theoretically and experimentally address the correlation between the near field distribution of hexagonal plasmonic necklaces of silver nanoparticles formed on the surface of a LiNbO3 crystal and the second harmonic generation (SHG) produced by this nonlinear crystal in the vicinities of the necklaces. The spectral response of the hexagonal necklaces does not depend on the polarization direction and is characterized by two main modes, the absorptive high-energy mode located in the UV spectral region and the lower energy mode, which is strongly radiant and extends from the visible to the near infrared region. We show that the spatial distribution of the enhanced SHG is consistent with the local field related to the low energy plasmon mode, which spectrally overlaps the fundamental beam. The results are in agreement with the low absorption losses of this mode and the two-photon character of the nonlinear process and provide deeper insight in the connection between the linear and nonlinear optical properties of the hybrid plasmonic-ferroelectric system. The study also highlights the potential of hexagonal necklaces as useful plasmonic platforms for enhanced optical processes at the nanoscale.

TidsskriftOptics Express
Sidetal (fra-til)22394-22404
StatusUdgivet - 20 aug. 2018