Danish and German students’ reflections and recommendations to changes in their science education.

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Bidragets oversatte titelDanske og tyske elevers refleksioner og anbefalinger til ændringer i deres naturfagsundervisning
We here present a case study on students’ reflections and recommendations on their everyday science education. These recommendations come from a minority group seldom heard in science education, namely those students who are already engaged in science and science education. In November 2010 a seminar was held in Sankelmark, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 29 upper secondary students from 4 schools (2 Danish and 2 German) attended the seminar in order to prepare some recommendations to take home to their own school. The students were asked to describe their current situation in science education, their imagined situation in science education and some proposals for getting them from their current situation to their imagined situation. As researchers we were focused not only on what, the students wanted to change and how they wanted to do it. We also focused on their motives for changing their current situation in science education. The seminar was studied as a case study and data was collected by the use of questionnaires, videotaping, student presentations, field notes and interviews with some of the participants. The focus on the findings is on the students’ motives for changing their current situation in science education. Preliminary findings indicate that this particular group of engaged students require more relevance to practical work and careers and deeper insight in the theories of science.
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StatusUdgivet - 2011
BegivenhedESERA 2011 - Lyon, Frankrig
Varighed: 5 sep. 20119 sep. 2011


KonferenceESERA 2011