Mikael Rothstein

Mikael Rothstein

Mikael Rothstein

mag.art. og Ph.d. i religionshistorie

Telefon: 65502836

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Mikael Rothstein

  • Institut for Historie
  • Religionsstudier

E-mail: rothstein@sdu.dk

Telefon: 65502836

CV (very brief)

Born 1961. MA, comparative religion 1989, Ph.D. 1993. Various positions at the University of Copenhagen 1990-2013. Tenured since 2001. University of Southern Denmark 2013-present. Guest Professor, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania 2011-present. Guest lecturer at more that 20 universities etc. worldwide.

Areas of research

I have two major areas of research: 1) New religions and religious movements, 2) Religion among hunter-gatherers and other indigenous peoples. However, my work is always based on comparative methods which means that I, in effect, am dealing with a vast array of religions, past and present.


Please see my bibliography.

Teaching and supervision

My courses cover several aspects of the curriculum, mostly, however, disciplines of comparative religion. I offer supervision in (almost) all areas.

Present obligations

Member of the Study Board of the Religious Study Program, SDU, 2014-present
Member of Evaluating Committee, the Norwegian Research Council 2013-present