Karsten Froberg

Karsten Froberg

Campusvej 55

5230 Odense M


Telefon: 65503457Mobiltelefon: 60113457Fax: 65503480

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Associate professor, Centre of Research in Childhood Health (RICH). (www.sdu.dk/rich)

The Danish Coordinator of the European Master in Health and Physical Activity (EMH&PA) and member of the International Committee, Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics http://www.sdu.dk/Om_SDU/Institutter_centre/Iob_Idraet_og_biomekanik/Ledelse_administration/Raad_naevn_udvalg/InternationaltUdvalg

Nordplus-Idrott coordinator http://www.sdu.dk//nordplusidrott