Karsten Froberg

Karsten Froberg

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Research interests and activities
The knowledge of assoc. prof. Froberg has been obtained by several National and European-based cross-country research projects since 1973. He has been doing research in the area of children’s sport and children’s physical activity and it’s relation to health since then. He has been dealing with major cross sectional as well as major longitudinal studies in this area, both national and international. In the period 1973-1993 he co-ordinated and conducted National research projects (Trainability in Children, Junior Elite Cyclists, the Odense School Child Study and The Svendborg Intervention Project). Since 1995 he has been in the scientific board of the international research project, the European Youth Heart Study I, II and III. He is the initiator and the responsible co-ordinator of the project in Denmark. He was the co-initiator and is in the scientific board of The Copenhagen Schoolchild Intervention Study. He was together with Assistant professor Anna Bugge coordinating the project: ‘Studying movement and learning’, supported by the Danish Government, Ministry of Education. He has together with he Professor’s Lars Bo Andersen and Berit Heitmann been responsible for initiating a Centre of research in Childhood health (www.sdu.dk/RICH). He has been head of the Centre from 2007 to 2015. The centre is responsible for several international and national mixed longitudinal and intervention projects in relation to childhood health. 
He has until now been editor, author and co-author on 183 original papers, books and book chapters.